Reduce Your Insurance Premiums With Increased Home Security

Thursday, March 15, 2012 19:16
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With insurance costs rising year on year, one method that many homeowners are increasingly looking to in order to reduce their premiums is home security. Many insurance companies look favorably on good home security therefore it will really pay to make some home improvement investments.

When selecting either a driveway gates or garden gates, there is a choice of materials they can be constructed from. Although gates are available in a range of materials, the most popular are wood, wrought iron and metal to name just a few.


As a natural building material, timber has stood the ages as a durable, easily sourced construction material for both garden gates and driveways gates. Timber gates can be constructed from many timber species, with the most popular being softwoods such as cedar and pine. Although hardwood gates are available, the cost is often prohibitive to the majority of homeowners and for that reason only tends to be specified on prestigious properties.

Timber as a building material for gates will suit a wide range of property designs thanks to the workability of the timber. Often the more important factor in the architectural design of the gate is ensuring it complements the home.

With modern stains and finishing techniques, a timber gate can be made to look as contemporary as any ultra sleek stainless steel metal gates.

Although the natural look of a wooden gate is second to none, many homeowners do not like the regular maintenance that they require to keep them in top condition. Although many high quality garden gates and driveway gates are pre treated with a preservative during the manufacturing process, every few years the timber will require a coat of preservative or stain to protect the natural grain of the timber against the elements and decay or rot.


For years many homes have been fitted with metal gates that give the home a certain charm and appeal. As metal is readily available, metal gates are relatively affordable for the majority of homeowners looking to add both a design statement and security to their property.

Available in a wide range of standard designs, there is pretty much a gate style to suit all properties. For the homeowner looking for a bespoke gate, the choice is literally endless in terms of design and finishing details such as decorative additions.

Wrought Iron

In recent years, the trend for new wrought iron gates has fallen significantly due to the cost of them. Although they provide high levels of security and look great, the majority of wrought iron gates installed in new homes are either restored from reclamation yards or bought second hand.

Wrought iron gates are heavy and as such are very strong. Many gate designs are available with many featuring intricate designs that are aesthetically pleasing

When looking to add garden gates or driveway gates to your home in order to reduce insurance premiums, for the best deals be sure to look online where there are many retailers offering a wide range of sizes and designs for very affordable prices that can be installed on a diy basis.

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